Company overview

MEC LLC is research and consulting firm which offers a flexible, dynamic research and consultancy services in a public policy, social service, financial service and an information technology fields. Our objectives is to make a significant contribution to the development of high quality consultancy, research and staff development services to its clients both public and private in meeting development needs of the country. We focus on delivering high quality research and consultancy services to business professionals, public organizations, international projects and individuals in order to advance and promote efficiency and effectiveness of the clients. The company conducts polling and market researches that has acquired a reputation for solid, accurate, and well thought-out research on big-impact projects at the local, national, and international levels. We provide the information that managers, public officials, and other decision-makers need to develop effective strategies, plan workable programs, and judge the results of projects and campaigns.

Company Mission

Mission of our company is "to advance and promote Efficiency and Effectiveness of its Clients through management and delivery of quality research, training and consulting services".