The activities of the company are


  • Project Management and Implementation;
  • Procurement and Development of Project Proposals;
  • Project Design, Feasibility, Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Project Impact Assessment;
  • Information technology;
  • Information security;
  • Database management system;
  • Management information system;
  • Provision of Technical Experts on Different Fields;


  • Planning and organization of short-term courses, workshops on project management, human resource development, higher education administration and planning etc.;
  • Development of educational packages, handbooks and teaching methodology;
  • Information security;

Research & Study

  • Study on social problems including poverty alleviation;
  • Study on human resource development issues;
  • Study on economic and financial conditions of Mongolia;
  • Study on feasibility and market research;
  • Study on information communication technology;
  • Study on e-governance, e-government
  • Project Impact Assessments and Surveys;
  • Research Analysis and Problem Solutions;
  • Development Information Security Strategy;
  • Development of Business Plan and Marketing Strategy.