Research team

For a successful performance of its duties as well as for meeting complex requirements of consultancy work in many different areas, MEC LLC has established a competent resource base consisting of:
  • Project Management and Implementation;
  • Procurement and Development of Project Proposals;
  • Project Design, Feasibility, Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Project Impact Assessment;
  • Information technology;
  • Information security;
  • Database management system;
  • Management information system;
  • Provision of Technical Experts on Different Fields;
Although MEC LLC has been established few years ago, it has significant consultancy experience. The founders and staff of the MEC LLC have implemented many projects related to the fields of Education Reform, Education Management, Business Education, Human Resource Management & Training, and conducting various research studies. Comparing with other consultancy companies in Mongolia, MEC's consulting team consists of the experienced staffs with extensive knowledge and experience of an information technology and an information security issues, including implementation of IT systems. These staffs managed several projects to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management information system and database management systems for banking and business fields.